Chase or Pass | What If and Elseworlds

Welcome to Chase or Pass, a series that talks about the expensive pieces from sets and whether or not you should chase these pieces down or pass them up. This is the second article in the series, and the first reoccurring segment since the relaunch back in June. Today we’ll be covering both of the 15th Anniversary micro sets with What If… and Elseworlds!

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Chase or Pass? | Avengers Defenders War

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the re-launch of Two Clicks From KO! My name is AJ and I’ll be your guide for all things here on the site. For our first article, we’re going to dig right in to a new series called “Chase or Pass?”, where I’ll analyze chases from a certain set (mostly the newest) and chat about whether they’re worth tracking down or passing up.

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