Figure Analysis: Comparing Goblin King to Jakeem Thunder

What If… may have been a somewhat bum set overall, but we did the new Goblin King, whom has been making quite the waves online. With his Pick-A-Power feature and high point cost, folks starting making the comparisons to the king of Meta, Jakeem Thunder. Today I want to be your one-stop comparison shop to help you choose who to play.

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Chase or Pass? | Avengers Defenders War

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the re-launch of Two Clicks From KO! My name is AJ and I’ll be your guide for all things here on the site. For our first article, we’re going to dig right in to a new series called “Chase or Pass?”, where I’ll analyze chases from a certain set (mostly the newest) and chat about whether they’re worth tracking down or passing up.

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