Two Clicks From KO is a bi-weekly podcast that blurs the line between competitive and casual. We focus on tournament results, spoilers and new releases, and bring you coverage of your favorite professional players and folks known in the Heroclix community. Among our legion are:

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingAaron Cantu

Aaron is the co-founder of the podcast and runs the show on a bi-weekly basis. He’s a seasoned Heroclix veteran and has won his fair share of big events. He’s also a writer for Majestix Apex Insiders.


AJ PfeiferImage may contain: 1 person

Founder of the popular Clix Fix Heroclix blog, AJ is an avid Heroclix player based in San Diego, CA. Although he hasn’t had the chance to compete in many large scale events, he’s looking to change that soon™. AJ has been playing since the game began, took a long hiatus, and recently returned in 2014. AJ is also a writer for Majestix.


Jay Solomonjay

Jay Solomon is a member of the Meta Lab, part of the hugely popular Married With Clix channel.  Jay brings unique insight and perspective to the competitive scene as he is always finding ways to try new and innovative builds.  He has a Top 8 finish at the ROC Canada Cup as well as a Top 4 finish at the ROC U.S. Cup. Jay covers a lot of our Facebook content.


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