Welcome back to our second reoccurring series in ID Card Round-Up! Elseworlds brought us a whole new line of mainstay DC characters, so let’s take a look at which ones are worth getting for your call-ins.

As I mentioned in the first article in this series, ID cards are still a very big deal. While pieces like Nick Fury and Cosmic Spider-man are the rulers of the roost, it’s worth looking into who’s an option out of the newest DC set. One important difference from the last article in this series is that since that time, WizKids has announced that the new X-Men set coming early next year will have X-Men ID cards, meaning the mechanic is nowhere near being rotated out. Now that Ultron’s are gone and ID cards are played how they originally were meant, I think WizKids wants to give them an actual shot rather than being a source for cheating characters in.

Last month, I made a list of every Marvel ID card that’s still legal in Modern, along with the real names that are associated with that particular card. Now it’s time for the DC equivalent of this list so that we know exactly what heroes we’re looking for. Remember that real names matter more in these alternate reality sets because you can use different ID’s for different characters.

DC ID Cards Still Legal in Modern (with Real Names)

Superman – Kal-El, Clark Kent
Batman – Bruce Wayne
The Flash – Barry Allen
Green Arrow – Oliver Queen
Aquaman – Orin, Arthur Curry
Batgirl – Barbara Gordon
Black Canary – Dinah Laurel Lance
Blue Beetle – Jaime Reyes
Power Girl – Kara Zor-L, Karen Starr
Stargirl – Courtney Whitmore
Steel – John Henry Irons
Supergirl – Kara Zor-El
The Atom – Ray Palmer
Booster Gold – Michael Carter
Cyborg – Victor Stone
Deadman – Boston Brand
Firestorm – Ronnie Raymond, Martin Stein, Jason Rusch
Hawkman – Carter Hall
Katana – Tatsu Yamashiro
Nightwing – Dick Grayson
Shazam – Billy Batson
Vibe – Paco Ramon
Vixen – Mari Jiwe McCabe
Zatanna – Zatanna Zatara
Martian Manhunter – J’onn J’onzz, John Jones
Green Lantern – Hal Jordan
Red Tornado – Ulthoon, John Smith
Phantom Stranger – Judas Iscariot
Plastic Man – Patrick O’Brian
Dr. Fate – Kent Nelson
Lex Luthor – Lex Luthor
Captain Cold – Leonard Snart
Swamp Thing – Alec Holland
Constantine – John Constantine

34 ID cards in total out of just 1 set and some Convention ID cards. Unlike What If…, we don’t have to look at Keywords since we don’t have any generic ID cards like the S.H.I.E.L.D. cards, but the real names will still be important. Also, new system for this round with a color legend at the top. Let’s get started… Again!

RED – Pass | BLACK – Decent | GREEN – Good

Batman 001 (60 Points) – A nifty Perplex is pretty much all you’re getting from this Batman, and that’s not really worth 60 points and a wasted action on a character when you only have three actions. Pass.

Superman 002 (90 Points) – The real gimmick to this Supes is his full-movement Quake, which you can’t utilize on an ID card thanks to the whole 5-square rule. Pass.

Wonder Woman 003 (70 Points) – 11 attack with Super Strength and 3 damage isn’t bad on a ID character, but not the best either. The traited Force Blast does make her a bit better, but with the new rules, that will come naturally with Super Strength for attacks. Mystics does push people to leave her alone rather than try and score 70 points. Decent.

Green Lantern 004 (55 Points) – Plain and simple, he’s a main force piece, not a call-in. Hard pass here. Pass.

The Flash 005 (45 Points) – Hypersonic call-ins are tough because of the 5-square rule, but this Flash does have the PD ability to make him work double time. His 4 click dial is a little worrisome though and could be easy points. Decent.

The Bat 007 (45 Points) – Again, you’re paying points and an action to get Perplex. Pass.

Diana Prince, (Justice Rider) 011 (70 Points) – Our first good call-in option! Not only does she have Leadership to help alleviate the cost of bringing her in, she gives bonuses to a very easy-to-build keyword when she succeeds. She also has good damage and the fantastic High Noon trait which is just begging to be used as one-shot characters on ID’s. Good.

John Jones (Justice Rider) 013 (50 Points) – If you want to call-in a tie-up piece, I suppose he’s decent? 3 damage is nice, but it just seems like a waste of an ID card. Pass.

Batman 014 (50 Points) – While this Batman is fantastic on the board as part of your main force, he doesn’t bring a lot to the table in terms of a summon. 2 damage and Outwit isn’t exactly the greatest thing for 50 points. Pass.

Superman 015 (70 Points) – This is a fantastic option. 11 attack Super Strength, 12 Charge with Flight, 18 Impervious, and 4 damage makes this a very good offensive option for a single-turn. He’s also a great Superman to call-in to get his inspiration of Invincible when your team needs to rush. Good.

Wonder Woman 016 (110 Points) – You’re getting basically the same top-dial as the previous Superman but you have to pay 40 points more. Sure, you get Leadership, but that’s not worth dropping the extra points. Pass.

Green Lantern 017 (60 Points) – If only his trait was worded “when Green Lantern starts the game”, he would have been in the top 5 ID summons. As-is, he’s absolutely worthless because his trait states that if he has no battery tokens, he basically can’t do anything. Hard Pass.

The Flash 018 (60 Points) – 10/10 times you should play this version of The Flash over the common. Not only does he have the same offense and Super Senses to potentially protect his 60 points, he can take a ranged attack for any one of your characters, rendering the attack useless. Against the big ranged pieces like Nick Fury, this is an ace. Good.

Oliver Queen, Templar 019 (80 Points) – He’s not great. He’s not bad either. Overall he’s a very mediocre ranged attacker. If you’re playing against Mystical or Monster, he’s golden. Otherwise, very Decent.

The Joker Creature (75 Points) – Yes indeed, you can run this with the Batman ID! But you shouldn’t. All you’re getting is a Charge/Blades/Battle Fury piece for 75 points. If you like Blades, why not. If you don’t, there’s no reason to play him. Pass.

Batman 026 (100 Points) – This is a little more offensive than the other two Batman’s on this list, but still isn’t that great for his points. While he can shred through 50 point or less characters, he still can’t KO many of them in a single shot. Outwit isn’t worth 100 points. Pass.

Superman 027 (160/100 Points) – At 160, you’re getting a Flash with 1 higher attack and damage and Super Strength (which won’t matter with the new rules), but over twice the cost. At 100 points, you’re getting a worse dial than the uncommon. Pass.

Wonder Woman 028 (100 Points) – 100 points for a 10 attack Incap with 2 damage? Pass.

Green Lantern 029 (90 Points) – This is actually a pretty decent dial for 90 points. He can charge the full 5 squares and remain on the board and then melee 3 squares out. He’s got Perplex to make himself more effective, and he can carry everyone but the person who summoned him. Not a fantastic Green Lantern, but not bad either. Decent.

The Flash 030 (110 Points) – Plain and simple, you’re getting a worse dial than both the common and uncommon. Pass.

Green Lantern of Gotham (105 Points) – 105 is an awful lot to pay for a click of 11 attack with Running Shot and Outwit. There’s a lot out there that will do more destruction than this will for a lot less points. I’d rather play Oliver Queen, Templar. Pass.

Green Lantern of Krypton (125/100 Points) – His higher point line has mediocre values for such a high cost, and his single target makes his lower point Energy Explosion overcosted. He’s a very bloated figure. Pass.

Green Oracle 034 (50 Points) – Simply put, there’s no reason to summon a taxi. Pass.

The Flying Batman 037 (140/100 Points) – While 140 is a big point cost, there’s actually some decent damage here and he’s going to be borderline impossible to put down in one turn for the points. His lower dial isn’t worth it, but his top dial could be a pretty nice high-point call-in. Certainly not competitive though. Decent.

Colonel Wayne 038 (75 Points) – This is a really great dial to bring in. High Noon with Running Shot and Stealth equates to a pretty strong piece that can take a pot shot and then completely stop an opposing piece from making a ranged attack unless they have improved targeting. Good.

Green Lantern 042 (45 Points) – Because her trait only works if someone is KO’d while she’s on the map (otherwise there’s no resurrection marker), she does literally nothing when summoned. Pass.

Leatherwing 043 (80 Points) – The only real benefit to running this Bruce is that he actually can dish quite a lot of damage for 80 points. 11/5 or 12/4 is a pretty good option and actually outclasses a lot of dials in this set so far. Decent.

Diana Prince 044 (45 Points) – Perhaps one of the best ID summons in this set. You get the option of either Support with 10 attack for an emergency healing, Close Combat Expert with 10/2 for under 50 points, and the option to shut down Outwit and Perplex within 4 squares until your next turn. She can be a very good stall call-in, and your support line is able to bring her in which is huge. Good.

King Aquaman (110 Points) – Sure, I suppose 12 attack 4 Exploit Weakness is pretty good for 110 points. He’s not quite as good as the uncommon Superman though. Decent.

Batman 047 (100 Points) – Like many of the other Batman’s, the top click just isn’t really worth the point cost. Only dealing 3 damage just doesn’t do enough as an ID summon. He’s a great piece, but a somewhat poor ID character. Pass.

Green Arrow 049 (80 Points) – Do I even really need to cover this piece? If you haven’t heard, one-armed Ollie is now at the top of the food chain, is now among the top 3 ID summons in the game with Nick and Cosmic Spidey. With killer combat values, neutralizing defense powers on the dial, and the inability to shoot him back, he’s an incredibly powerful option for his points and completely spits in the faces of everyone else on this list. Good.

Superman 050 (230/110 Points) – When you get to this level of points, you’re pretty much only looking to call them in via the Teleporter. For 230 points, you can honestly do a lot better like KC Superman as he’ll actually do more damage. For 110, you pretty much guarantee that you’re hitting for 6 damage with his massive 12 attack. Higher points, Pass. Lower points, Good.

Batman 101 (100/50 Points) – We’re running the record for a fourth time, folks! Same drill. Too little damage for too many points. Oh yeah, and a weak attack value. Pass.

Superman 102 (100/50 Points) – Like many of the other Supes in this set, the uncommon is just better for less points. The 50 point line here is just awful. Pass.

Wonder Woman 103 (100/50 Points) – Now we’re talkin! Charge/Flurry with 4 damage is a great option… if you don’t have the BvS common for 5 more points. Still, this is a good summon on the 100 point line. Good.

Green Lantern 104 (100/50 Points) – The power picking is kind of nice, but the stats don’t really back him. His 50 point line is a pretty good ranged attacker though with some solid number options. Decent.

The Flash 105 (100/50 Points) – If you want to add Prob to your Flash, I guess this is your guy? Still way too expensive for the dial. Pass.

Cyborg 106 (100/50 Points) – Right now, before the rules change, he’s fantastic. Once the rules do change though, he takes a pretty big hit. He’ll still be a decent call-in, and it’s worth mentioning that he’s our only Cyborg call-in. Even the 50 point line is a decent option. Enhancement goes a long way, my friends. Good.

I had no idea when I started this article that there would be so many poor ID call-ins. This set had a lot more promise for me as a player in terms of actual dials, but when you look at them under the ID light, they really drop off. There are a few really good picks like uncommon Supes and the incredibly strong Green Arrow, but a majority of this one is a pass if ID cards is all you’re looking for.

What are your thoughts on these picks? Feel I judged something too harsh or not high enough? Is this series worth keeping now that we’re two articles in? Do you like the new color options to help differentiate? Let me know in the comments section!

That’ll finish up our first article of August. I’ll be in Fresno TOMORROW HOLY CRAP for my first ROC tournament at DJ’s collectibles, along with Aaron! If you’re attending, please come say hi. I would love to meet any and all of you.

See you guys next week, good luck at any ROC’s you may be attending, and always remember that the real fun begins when you’re Two Clicks From KO!


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